Burn & Breathe yoga

Mindful breathing is the key to maintaining a balanced state of being. This class is a simple yet challenging one that Jessica designed to build heat in the body by mindfully connecting breath to movement, while maintaining an inner sense of calm.


“I make it a point with all of my patients that posture, mobility, strength and breath are essential components of joint health. And, Jessica’s video series touches on all of these components. Be prepared to feel burn in the muscles, but also learn proper alignment which is SO KEY-- especially if you’re trying to avoid injury. As a chiropractor, I am bending over a lot throughout the day, and just last week I was having a little bit of low back soreness and sacral-illiac joint pain and I combined her “Low Back Health” video with “Burn & Breathe” and within 30 -45 minutes the pain had completely resolved, it was actually melting away while I was doing the yoga flow!”

Nick Deliberato, D.C. Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Owner of Spine and Joint Clinic OC Instagram: @drnickdeliberato