We can all learn to make a habit of trading ‘instant’ gratification for life-long gratification. You CAN meet your goals and enjoy your life at the same time!
— Jessica Schatz, The Core Expert™


The goal of my methodology is to help you feel, function and live better. A critical component is to recognize the importance of how you fuel yourself. Nutritional intake has a direct impact on your brain and your body. In my teaching and training, I follow basic principles of science that show how healthy eating can make you FEEL happier. Scientists tell us that at least 80% of one’s physical appearance is a direct result of what we eat. Life is full of challenges and anxiety which can influence our judgment and our choices. You need high quality fuel to power you through the day and keep you feeling your best. And, when you’re feeling your best, you likely notice that you make better choices and decisions. So, the circle completes itself from healthy fuel to happiness and back to choosing healthy fuel!

Science also indicates that when a person’s serotonin level is high, the result is a feeling of happiness. A low serotonin level in the brain has been associated with depression and moodiness. Beyond contributing to diabetes and weight gain, a high intake of sugary food can decrease one’s sensitivity to serotonin and thus contribute to feelings of sadness and depression. When we struggle with our moods, we may resort to a quick fix and instant ‘high’ by eating junk food. Whether you are a high-performance athlete, CEO, busy parent, or weekend runner, fueling your body with nutritious, fresh produce, protein, good fats and carbohydrates, assures optimal performance and a feeling of wellness.

I encourage you to pay attention to how your body feels based on what fuel you are putting in it. At times you may feel in control and at times you may not. You can establish patterns that strengthen your feelings of happiness by focusing on and taking satisfaction from how your body feels. Each time you make a nutritious choice of real food, you start to develop new habits and erase the old bad habits. I am not a fan of crash diets or trendy eating fads. As part of my mission, I want to educate and inspire you to shift your thinking along these lines. Learn to make a regular habit of trading instant gratification for a chance at a life full of gratification.