The CORE is any muscle, or group of muscles, that promote or enhance pelvic and/or spinal stabilization.” Let me repeat: “The CORE is any muscle, or group of muscles, that promote or enhance pelvic and/or spinal stabilization.
— Jessica Schatz, The Core Expert™


The Core Expert Methodology

My methodology expands upon Joseph Pilates’ time-tested fundamentals and incorporates contemporary exercise science, bio-mechanics, the Mind-Body connection, and full-body movement practices (functional training).  Pilates teaches exercise as full body movement with a special focus on the spine - how it needs to move in many planes/directions, how it must twist, bend, extend, flex. Spinal health controls function. Thus, my methodology aims to restore the natural curve of the spine, rebalancing the muscles around the joints, to achieve pelvic, spinal, and scapular stabilization. Biomechanics are at play in your real life whether you work at a desk or on a sports field or court, which is why my methodology will teach you proper biomechanics of movement.

I will help you acquire the tools to achieve optimal body function, and, as a bonus, a great physique, all for a better sense of well-being. In the process, you will avoid injury, improve your posture, increase your strength and flexibility, and, most importantly, deepen your awareness of the mind/body connection. I concentrate on a heightened awareness of how your body feels, where it is in space (known as proprioception), and how best to control your body’s movement (mindful movement), in order to accomplish the highest level of performance.

Jessica Schatz, The Core Expert™

Movement starts at “the Core.” The word “core” has become a buzzword in the fitness industry. You may believe as many do that “core” simply means “abs.” I must shine a light on this misconception. The core determines your posture, power, alignment, balance, control, and circulation so that function is optimal. Core strength improves joint stability and mobility and improves performance. There is both an intellectual and a physical aspect to the core’s function for purposeful action. In other words, any action or activity should be concrete and goal-oriented. I want you to be assured that I witness the benefits of this work on a daily basis.

When engaging in any physical activity, stability is essential, as is sufficient support from structural and postural muscles. Otherwise you may put your spine into improper alignment, fail to achieve satisfactory results, and even incur injury.  Some of you know personally about such risks. These circumstances led me to design my own methodology focused on full body integration (FBI), core control, core strength and stability, and the way these enable the body to function and perform with ease and without pain. Pilates allows one to have control over the body as opposed to being at its mercy.

The body longs for total integration: posture, stability, strength, mobility, and all the elements I have discussed here. My philosophy evolved over the course of many years as I danced professionally and faced the strain and demands on a dancer’s body. I studied exercise science, physiology, kinesiology, yoga, Pilates and other disciplines as I needed my body to function properly and avoid injury. I now am recognized for my ability to assess an individual’s body and target precisely what is needed to enable each person’s body to feel, function, and live better.