Three Ways You Can Feel Better Right Now (eBook)

I can almost hear you... “In order to achieve wellness, I’m going to have to implement demanding fitness regimens and exhausting activities...No time for that!”

What if I told you that your wellness journey can begin with small, simple changes?

I believe that true wellness is achieved through many small, simple lifestyle changes: How we eat, sleep, move, connect, and perceive the world. Taking small steps can restore your energy and mood, motivating you to achieve your goals of living a healthy life. In fact, small, positive changes in your daily routine not only make you feel better in the moment, they can make your whole life better! And everyone deserves to live a better life.

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Master Pilates Instructor

Founder and Owner of Champion Pilates™ and Body By Jessica®

Yoga Teacher  ·  Personal Trainer  ·  Joga® Coach  ·  Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology  ·  Health, Wellness & Fitness Coach


"I believe everyone has the opportunity to live a better life. My unique methodology, rooted in Pilates and tying in the depth of knowledge and expertise I have gained over the years, will transform more than just your surface. It will give you the power to shape your life from the inside out, starting at the core and connecting the mind, body and spirit. As The Core Expert™, my mission always is to help you harness and leverage this power to 'feel better, function better and live better.'"