Jessica Schatz is a rock star, a true expert who knows the body better than just about anyone I have ever worked with.
— Hayden Slater, CEO/Co-Founder of Pressed Juicery


"Jessica Schatz is a rock star, a true expert who knows the body better than just about anyone I have ever worked with. I started working out with Jessica a couple of years ago. I had no prior experience with Pilates before starting, in fact I always thought Pilates was designed more for women. I was wrong. Working out with Jessica and incorporating Pilates into my exercise routine has completely changed me, in many ways, some small and some quite significant. Since working out with Jessica, my body is in much better physical condition. My core is stronger than it has ever been before, which really sets the foundation for everything else. And my back (which I badly injured years ago) feels better and more protected than it has in a long time. Jessica’s program is awesome -- it's hard but it's fun, two things that I'm always looking for in a workout. Her technique is great and every session is different and works a completely different part of my body. At the end of every work out I feel amazing and I can feel myself getting stronger.”

—HAYDEN SLATER, CEO/Co-Founder of Pressed Juicery

“I have done Pilates before so I thought I knew everything there was to know until I did Pilates with Jessica. Her methods and teaching and understanding of Pilates combined with her ability to tailor sport and health specific things to my body was something I’ve never experienced. She was a huge reason why I came back from my Achilles injury the way that I did. She’s a great instructor and teacher and friend!”

—WESLEY MATTHEWS, Dallas Mavericks of the NBA, Shooting Guard

“I have worked with Jessica for a few years now. I’m a writer, and I spend most of my time at my desk in front of a computer. Jessica has helped me to keep moving, stay limber, and ease the effects of stress. I also spend about three months of each year on the road for book tours and doing research. Working with Jessica has given me the physical stamina and strength to make it through those long, hard, demanding days. Beyond all that, she’s a delight to be around — full of wonderful stories, enthusiasm, and good cheer, especially early in the morning when it’s fair to say I’m not at my sunniest. I would not be able to do what I do — day to day, month to month, year to year — if not for her.”

—LISA SEE, NY Times Best-Selling Author

“Pilates literally saved me as a professional dancer with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. It brought me back to life after getting injured on stage and I never left it throughout my entire dance career. Getting to work with Jessica Schatz was a super special treat for me while travelling to the West Coast on tour. Her dynamic fluidity and strengthening exercises gave me the stability, mobility and freedom I needed to fly on stage at the huge Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Her beauty and sheer happiness shines from deep within and brightens your day no matter how you’re feeling. Thank you so much Jessica! I always look forward to our next session!”

—OLIVIA BOWMAN-JACKSON, Professional Dancer and Fitness Trainer

“Jessica always manages to push me just past the level of effort I thought I could sustain, whether in Pilates or yoga. After working with Jessica for just a few months, my core was stronger than it had been for 30 years, even though I have worked out with weights for many years. My golf game has improved dramatically with the additional strength and flexibility from the Pilates/yoga workouts. And, I have managed to avoid injury.”