Welcome to JessicaSchatz.com!

WELCOME to JessicaSchatz.com!!! Since the inception of Body by Jessica®, and the launch of Champion Pilates™, and through my 25 + years of experience, study, and training, I have helped people to experience the benefits of a high-functioning, healthy body, and a better life. Please accept my gratitude for continuing with me through this evolution. I recently formed JESSICASCHATZ.COM to augment my teaching of the Core and the Mind-Body connection on a more advanced level. JESSICASCHATZ.COM will operate as my flagship company and brand under which Champion Pilates™ and Body By Jessica® will continue as vital elements and remain active on my social media channels.

Jessica Schatz, The Core Expert™

My life has taken a fortunate journey through my years of education in physiology, kinesiology, exercise science, dance, yoga, Pilates, full body movement, mind-body integration, and other relevant modalities. During my years of dancing with professional companies, I shared my knowledge of Pilates and principles of other disciplines to help dancers and fitness enthusiasts gain flexibility and strength and avoid or recover from injury.

I am gratified that I am recognized as a Master Pilates Instructor and referred to as The Core Expert™. For some time I have been demonstrating my materials and methods at international conferences and retreats. Students and celebrity clients have granted me some beautiful testimonials. One professional athlete client who trained with me in my “Sport Specific Pilates” method, has credited me with helping him advance in his professional career.

On this blog page, I will provide important tips and information about a range of topics connected with wellness, lifestyle, Pilates (and/or other fitness disciplines), body function and mechanics, exercises, healthy eating, body-mind connection, and whatever else you might want to talk about. Here is where I will address your questions and comments and I extend an invitation to those of you who wish to grow and improve in a meaningful way. Permit me to guide and inform you how to utilize my transformative methods. Feel free to reach out to me through this site’s Contact page.

I am dedicated to teaching you how to develop the power to 'Feel better, Function better and LIVE Better.'"

Rick Krusky