Wellness Made Easy: My Top 5 Favorite Wellness Brands

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People often ask me about my health and wellness routines, whether it be what I eat or what moisturizer I use, or simply what helps me look and FEEL my best. While there are several wellness companies and products I use and love, my absolute must-haves are GEM Daily Multivitamin, Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Protein Bar, Maple Holistics Silk 18 Conditioner, BEBOE High Potency CBD Face Serum, and Breedlove Beauty Lab Infrared Sauna Studio. These companies are offering my blog readers special discounts. (Click here to access exclusive discounts on my website.)

Here’s why these 5 are my current favorites:

1.  GEM Daily Multivitamin

GEM is a daily multivitamin that is unique in that it’s an algae-based, real food vitamin that leaves out artificial ingredients found in most typical vitamin, such as synthetic colors, fillers, and potentially harmful ingredients. GEM is created for women, by women with particular attention to women’s health needs.

Sara Cullen, founder of GEM, was battling a series of health issues when she began to research the vitamin market. She discovered that most vitamins are filled with artificial ingredients, hidden fillers, and even toxic ingredients. She then led a team to search for a better way to nourish the mind and body.

I take a daily GEM with my coffee every morning, which has helped me have more energy throughout the day and increase my vitality! With my full schedule and busy, active lifestyle, the extra boost of vitality is just what I need to perform my best!

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2.  Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Protein Bar

Frankly, I never leave the house without a Dr. Jen’s bar. These protein bars are a staple for me. I am constantly working and on the go, and at times it can be difficult to find the time to sit down and eat a meal. I am thrilled I discovered a protein bar with clean, nutritious, all-natural ingredients that is also delicious. When I eat a Dr. Jen’s bar, I know I am eating real food.

Dr. Jen is a practicing Chiropractor with years of experience treating patients suffering from pain and inflammatory conditions. Her experience treating patients, along with her own struggles with food allergies and sensitivities, inspired her to create an all-natural, allergy- and sensitivity-friendly bars, including gluten-free options. As a mom, Dr. Jen also understands how difficult it can be to get your kids to eat what’s good for them. So, she includes super foods like quinoa, spinach and kale in her bars.

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3.  Maple Holistics Silk 18 Conditioner 

It’s always been a struggle for me to find the right products for my fine and wavy/curly hair. I was happy to discover Maple Holistics’ Silk 18 Conditioner as I find it leaves my hair feeling soft, silky, and looking great. It is important to me to use non-toxic, natural, and cruelty-free products, and this product is Peta-certified, cruelty-free, naturally sourced, and formulated from scratch. Maple Holistics states that their primary goal is to provide a natural, holistic range of premium products that enhance hygiene, health, and daily living. I also admire how natural and green they are. For example, as a way to encourage their customers to recycle, for every six bottles of Maple Holistics that you return to them, you receive a free bottle of shampoo! Alternately, you can choose to have an equivalent donation made to an environmentally friendly charity of your choice.

You might find helpful information for dry, damaged hair by checking out their blog article.

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4.  BEBOE Therapies High Potency CBD Face Serum

For me, this particular serum is a game changer. BEBOE Therapies Face Serum is a hemp-derived CBD serum intended to calm, soothe, and brighten the skin, while simultaneously reducing redness, boosting elasticity, and promoting collagen production. There are many CBD companies whose sourcing is unclear. BEBOE Therapies CBD lists its sourcing as totally plant-based. This serum is designed for all skin types, and is wonderful on my sensitive skin. Since I have started using it, my skin has been glowing!

5.  Breedlove Beauty Lab Infrared Sauna Studio

Infrared sauna therapy is a wellness treatment that is underappreciated. It offers many health benefits. Unlike traditional saunas, Breedlove Beauty Lab’s infrared sauna uses a soothing dry-heat that offers a full-body, holistic detox, is a great source of pain relief and healing, and is amazing for the skin.

Breedlove offers a combination of mid-, near-, and far-infrared light, which is clinically proven to raise your core temperature, lower blood pressure, and aid in weight loss. I especially love that all the Breedlove Beauty Lab sauna treatments are customizable, so that I feel in complete control of my experience. I now have a regular self-care session that I never miss. It removes my stress and anxiety and sets me up for a great week.

Mary Breedlove is a dear friend of mine. She is a passionate businesswoman who is committed to bringing wellness to her customers. Mary previously had a career in interior design, and you can find her beautiful design aesthetic all over her Breedlove Beauty Lab facility. You won’t want to leave!

Well, there you have it – my current, top 5 health and wellness products and services. As you may have noted, I find that these 5 companies offer the best quality and benefits, and I love that their missions, goals, and principles are inspiring and support the values I believe in: they are natural, good for your body and the earth, and, they help bring you closer to achieving true health in body, mind, and spirit!

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