Morning Moves

How we start our morning is key to setting the tone for the day. When starting each day with mindfulness of breath and body, it sets us up for success: Success in how we feel, how we function, and how we show up in life. This video is designed to get you feeling centered, stable, strong, and ready to start your day with focus, clarity, and energy.


“I have recently opened a new business so I have to admit, I have really been slacking on, for months. I tried Jessica's video this morning, and I cannot believe how amazing I feel. In just 30 minutes, this workout literally hit every muscle in my body. While I love that I could follow along with the video, I noticed that Jessica's verbal cues were so on point that I didn't need to torque my body in order to look at the screen to be sure I was in the correct position/alignment. Also, it's obvious this series of exercises and the order in which they are performed is very thoughtfully created by someone who really knows the body. I love that this workout incorporated a bit of yoga, Pilates AND strength training for a very well-rounded experience. I was sweating within minutes and could actually feel my abs again! To feel that I have achieved a full body workout in 30 minutes is game changing for me with my busy schedule. I honestly cannot wait to do this workout every day!”

Mary Breedlove Owner/Founder Breedlove Beauty Lab Instagram: @breedlovebeautylab