Health: Overindulged During the Holidays? 6 Health Influencers Reveal How They Get Back on Track

 Jessica Schatz, The Core Expert, Health Magazine
 Jessica Schatz

The holiday season has come and gone, and you probably feel like you’ve overeaten, over-drank, and under-exercised for weeks. You're not the only one. But before you start beating yourself up for veering away from your usual healthy food and fitness habits, give yourself permission to move on and start anew.

Regret isn’t going to make those extra few pounds you may have gained magically disappear. Eating well and sweating often, on the other hand, will—as these six health influencers can attest. Here's what they do to get back on track and how you can start the first week of January on a strong, healthy note.

Start your day with a sweat session

“In the new year, I start every weekday with a workout—even if it means getting up extra early! A few reasons I like to exercise first thing in the morning: It boosts your metabolism, prevents you from skipping it later, improves your physical and mental energy (which will improve your mood and productivity all day), keeps you goal-oriented, and strengthens your self discipline. And it doesn’t have to be two hours of your life. Even 30 to 40 minutes will... READ MORE

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