My Domaine: Core-Strengthening Exercise Ashley Olsen Does Daily

Jessica Schatz, My Domaine

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Ashley Olsen has made a name for herself in the fashion world, launching two luxury fashion labels, The Row and Elizabeth and James, with her twin sister Mary-Kate. So when the notoriously private designer made headlines in relation to her workout routine, we were admittedly intrigued.

Olsen's Los Angeles–based trainer, Jessica Schatz, recently sat down with People to share the ins and outs of Ashley's typical workout routine. "She is extremely strong and works incredibly hard," Schatz told the magazine. While Olsen's practice is rooted in Pilates, Schatz mixes in touches of yoga and biomechanics to curate an "incredibly strong workout based on core strength, core stability, and core control" tailored to Olsen's specific body.

Jessica Schatz, My Domaine, Ashley Olsen

Planks, floor work, and positions on the reformer make up the meat of her daily workout. "We do a lot of planks and variations of planks, like reverse planks, and side-body core and leg work," adds Schatz. "We do solid floor work, whether it be from the classical Pilates mat series or my own methodology." In addition to core strength, Olsen also works on "full-body strength and functional movement" when hitting the gym. "Ashley is extremely disciplined, hardworking and open to trying anything new," she concludes. Head over to People for more.

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